Mother Nature

A few years ago, when i was studying art and shit, i studied digital photography. I learned that i am not a good photographer. Lol.

I also learned that unless i changed my photography style i was going to fail the course. Why? Well aparently most of the time spent in producing ‘good’ photos happens in photoshop where the images are made to conform to ideals of perfection. Composition, colour balance, focal point, sharpness blah waffle. i hated it. it was canned and prescriptive.

During Christmas 2017 I found myself in need of some serious self care and at the advice of a dear friend, I went for a “zen bush walk”. it worked.

The images that i have selected to display here, do not conform to the acceptable standard. i am attempting here to portray the REAL, as opposed to a fake reality that programmes us to be dissatisfied unless we force ourselves into those moulds of perfection.

[page dedicated to Matilda Darling]

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