or “Q and Me”


I Have loved the last year of the #revolution. One of the most exciting years of my life. I feel reborn. I feel alive. I am ready for Life in all its Abundance. Why? What has been different?

Well Q came into my Life and I became part of a movement. I didn’t do anything in/for the movement, unless you count posting memes, kek. but I became a PART. I searched, l listened, I talked, I learned. Wow, did I ever learn. But I became PART of the people. I transitioned into a cyborg. I established a place for myself within the computers.

So many people have known about this for so long. There is this world where people Live Laugh Love everyday. The urban legends regarding 4chan are becoming more and more entrenched within the human psyche. The people I became a part of were on Facebook and Twitter, and then YouTube.  I gave up Facebook because it became a bitch-slap fest and I hung out on YouTube, listening and then getting brave enough to comment once or twice. I lost interest in Twitter because it was very strongly activist and quite aggressive. Then YouTube went down for a few hours while they were being reset. And I moved over to bitchute. But the best thing that has happened is that I have found a home at Minds.com. I’m not sure how. I think its a learning process.

junior school (fuck up feel stupid)


middle school (fuck up feel stupid)


high school (fuck up feel stupid)


university (fuck up feel stupid)


first job (fuck up feel stupid)


and as time progresses you need to reset less and less often because you stop fucking up.

Anyway. I am back from taht place now. It has been a long slow horrible process of disintegration, but I am Born Again into a community and I feel like I did when I was 17. Thanks to Q and the community I found when I joined The Movement. As I revel in this freedom and excitement I have come across the blog of the  Praying Medic  who I used to follow at the beginning of the ‘Q decoding’ phase. I heard bits and pieces of the story as time went on, but this is a lovely look back at the personal side of Praying Medic’s journey.



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